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Application Process for Greece

Posted Worker Notification Process

EU Directive (2018/957/EU)

The Posted Worker Notification process is managed and administered by the relevant territory's Labour Inspectorate Body (S.EP.E.).

Information on Declaration

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Further Information

Guidance notes on the declaration process


European Union (Posting of Workers) Directive (2018/957/EU)

The following information is required:

  1. Name or corporate name of the undertaking, its location, its address and its legal form 
  2. Identity elements (name, surname, name of father, name of mother, date of birth, address etc) of the legal representative of the undertaking  
  3. Identity elements (name, surname, name of father, name of mother, date of birth, address etc) of the legal representative of the undertaking in Greece during the provision of services
  4. The address of the place or places where the posted workers shall provide services and the name or the corporate name, the location, the address and the legal form of the undertaking or of the undertakings where workers shall provide their services
  5. The date of the beginning of the provision of services as well as the date of the posting of workers and its possible duration and
  6. The nature of the provided activity as well as the use or not of dangerous materials or methods.  

List of the posted workers for authentication, in two copies, where the following elements shall be presented:  

  1. Name, surname, age, expertise of each posted worker  
  2. The date that the employment contract is concluded, similar previous experience in other employers and family status
  3. Duration of daily and weekly work, times of commencement, interruption, break and end of the daily work as well as the weekly rest and
  4. All kind of paid wages .  

Labor Inspectorate Body Contact Persons:

Olympia Toumpa (Directorate of Administrative and
Technical Support, Dept. Of Legal Support)
Tel. +30 210 3748822
+30 210 3748743
Fax. +30 210 3748744

Chrisoula Toufekoula (Directorate of Programming, Planning and
Co-Ordination of Inspections of the Technical and
Hygiene Labour Inspectors)
Tel: +30 210 3748711
Fax: +30 210 3215716
Dragatsaniou 8
10110 Athens, Greece

Email :
Website :


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