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Travel Agency Tracker

In a busy company you may have established practices for booking business travel through your Travel Management Company or Expense Provider.

We easily integrate with this data to let you know of upcoming Tax and Immigration Thresholds.

With our Pre-Trip Assessment tools you can become aware of potential risks before travel takes place and advise your internal customers on potential Tax obligations.

In the increasingly complex business world today travelling on the right Visa or Immigration status is paramount – knowing in advance what that is will make that business trip easier for your travellers.

As the trip progresses we can also help you keep track of your traveller for Duty of Care obligations – with smartphone tracking and incident management via a security portal

Smart Phone Tracker

If your travellers prefer to access company procedures via a Smartphone – our award winning technology puts multiple processes in their hands.

Instead of having to follow separate manual processes to manage Tax and Immigration Compliance use the Smartphone tool to accumulate data.

We cover 4 key features of Business Travel

  • Pre-Trip Assessment
  • Live Taxation Alerts
  • Live Immigration Alerts
  • Duty of Care Emergency location and Panic Alerts
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Travel Data Consulting

If your Travel programme is complex and has multiple data sources – we can help you there also.

With our Travel Consulting Product we can analyse multiple sources of Travel Data – from several different Travel Agencies, Expense Reports, Time Sheets or Sign-in and Sign-out data.

Our extensive rules engine will analyse the accumulated data and allow you to better advise your multiple internal customers of upcoming events.

Be a better supplier to your Payroll, Legal, Tax, Finance and Security teams with our comprehensive rules engine alerts.

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