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Navigate complex foreign tax, social security and immigration dynamics as our team of in-house researchers offer key insights into international business travel.

July Whitepaper

So what if you had to track ALL employees?!

by Siobhan McDonnell

  • Varied global implications of remote working
  • Tax and social security compliance issues
  • Importance of tracking and monitoring workforce

About The Authors

Liam is the CEO & Founder of Tracker Software Technologies. He initiated and developed the GT GLobal Tracker Tool, now an award-winning software platform that powers many of the mobility industry’s business traveller management platforms. Liam has over 25 years’ experience in the global travel, relocation and internet services industries.

Liam Brennan

Siobhan is the Tax Manager at Tracker Software Technologies,  managing the Tax Rules Engine within the tracking tool. With a combination of experience in Big4 Tax firms and Industry experience in the US and the EU, she spends her day monitoring changes in tax  legislation and practice, converting  hat data into rules based alerts within the tool. Siobhan is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland and an AITI Chartered Tax Advisor.

Siobhan McDonnell​

Jeanette is Head of our Research department. and has been working in the Tax and Immigration field for 20 years. Her experience crosses multiple jurisdictions and includes immigration and tax application processing and the provision of technical and compliance advice from large multinational corporations to small indigenous companies and private individuals.  Jeanette is an AITI Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA).

Jeanette Ryan

Can you track all employees?

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