Posted Worker

Application Process for The Netherlands

Posted Worker Notification Process

EU Directive (2018/957/EU)

The Posted Worker Notification process is managed and administered by The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment in The Netherlands.

Form of Declaration

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Further instruction on the notification process


European Union (Posting of Workers) Directive (2018/957/EU)

The following information is required:

  • the identity of the person submitting the notification;
  • the details of their company;
  • the contact person, as referred to in Article 7 of the WagwEU;
  • the identity of the client (service recipient);
  • the sector in which the activities will be carried out in the Netherlands;
  • the address /place where the work will be performed;
  • the expected duration of the work;
  • the identity of the person responsible for payment of salary/wage;
  • the identity of the employees coming to the Netherlands to work;
  • the presence of an A1 declaration or other type of evidence that shows where the social security contributions are paid for the employee(s), because of the contribution for the relevant social security scheme.

The Public Information Service on behalf of will answer questions within 2 working days, using this contact form. 

By phone

You can phone 1400 on weekdays between 08.00 and 20.00. Normal charges apply. If you are calling from outside the Netherlands, please dial +31 70 2140214.


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