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Application Process for Austria

Posted Worker Notification Process

EU Directive (2018/957/EU)

The Posted Worker Notification process is managed and administered by the Zentrale Koordinationsstelle des Bundesministeriums für Finanzen für die Kontrolle illegaler Beschäftigung (Central coordination office of the Federal Ministry of Finance for the control of illegal employment).

Form of Notification

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Guidance Notes

Guidance notes on how to complete the Notification


European Union (Posting of Workers) Directive 2018

Notification of an Employee Secondment to Austria is in accordance with § 19 para. 3 of the Austrian Act to Fight Wage and Social Dumping (Lohn- und Sozialdumping-Bekämpfungsgesetz – LSD-BG).

  • The system automatically generates a unique transaction number upon submission of the form.  This transaction number must be provided every time you contact the Central Coordination Office.
  • It is advisable to save the document (ZKO3) and ensure that it is safely stored. The Austrian Central Coordination Office (Zentrale Koordinationsstelle) will not send a confirmation of receipt.
  • A separate notification is required for each secondment (secondment project); a change notification must be submitted without delay for subsequent changes. 
  • After around 30 minutes, your “time expires” and you will no longer be able to enter, send or save data.

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